Ancient Magic and the Supernatural in the Modern Visual and Performing Arts

Filippo Carlà ‒ Irene Berti (a cura di), Ancient Magic and the Supernatural in the Modern Visual and Performing Arts, Bloomsbury, London - New York 2015, £ 70 (ISBN 978 14 72527 83 7)

Irene Berti – Filippo Carlà
Magic and the Supernatural from the Ancient World: An Introduction

Jürgen Blänsdorf
Gods and Demons in Text: Figures and Symbols of the Defixion Incriptions of the Nymphaeum of Anna Perenna in Rome

Lorna Hardwick
Imaging Magic, Imaging Thinking: The Transmission of Greek Drama from Sophocles to Crimp

Domitilla Campanile
Celtic Magic and Rituals in The War Lord (F. Schaffner, 1965)

Giovanna Rocca – Martina Treu
Witch, Sorceress, Enchantress: Magic and Women from the Ancient World to the Present

Pepa Castillo Pascual
Circe diva: The Reception of Circe in the Baroque Opera (XVII Century)

Jesus Carruesco – Montserrat Reig
Medea, a Greek Sorceress in Modern Opera and Ballet: From Barber to Reimann

Adeline Grand-Clement – Charlotte Ribeyrol
Colchian pharmaka: The Colours of Medea in Nineteenth-Century Painting in France and England

Christine Walde
Canidia and Erichtho: Snapshots from Their Postclassical Life

Andreas Gietzen – Marion Gindhart
Project(ion) Wonder Woman: Metamorphoses of a Superheroine

Martin Lindner
Ancient Horrors: Cinematic Antiquity and the Undead

Dagmar Hoffman
The Phoenix, the Werewolf and the Centaur: The Reception of Mythical Beasts in the Harry Potter Novels and Their Film Adaptations

Maria G. Castello – Carla Scilabra
Theoi Becoming Kami: Classical Mythology in the Anime World

Priscilla Hobbs
Everypony has a Story: Revisions of Greco-Roman Mythology in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Martijn Icks
The Depraved Devotion of Elagabalus: Images of the Priest-Emperor in the Visual and Performing Arts

Anja Wieber
Women and Religion in Epic Films: The Fifties’ Advocate for Christian Conversion and Today’s Pillar of Paganism?