Brill’s companion to the reception of Cicero

William H.F. Altman (ed.), Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Cicero, Brill (Brill’s Companions to Classical Reception, 2), Leiden-Boston 2015, E. 135 (ISBN 978 90 0423 526 7)

Notes on Contributors

William H.F. Altman

Part 1 - Imitation or Criticism?

Martin McLaughlin
Petrarch and Cicero: Adulation and Critical Distance

Kathy Eden
Cicero’s Portion of Montaigne’s Acclaim

Gábor Kendeffy
Lactantius as Christian Cicero, Cicero as Shadow-like Instructor

Part 2 - The Politics of Reception

Robert G. Ingram
Conyers Middleton’s Cicero: Enlightenment, Scholarship, and Polemic

Carl J. Richard
Cicero and the American Founders

Alex Dressler
Cicero’s Quarrels: Reception and Modernity from Horace to Tacitus

Part 3 - Two French Receptions

Paul Allen Miller
Cicero Reads Derrida Reading Cicero: A Politics and a Friendship to Come

Carlos Lévy
Ancient Texts, Contemporary Stakes: J. Carcopino as Reader of Cicero’s Letters

Part 4 - German Reception and Its Influence

William H. F. Altman
Cicero and the Fourth Triumvirate: Gruen, Syme, and Strasburger

Elisabeth Begemann
Damaged Go(o)ds: Cicero’s Theological Triad in the Wake of German Historicism

Part 5 - Cicero Divided

Caroline Bishop
Roman Plato or Roman Demosthenes? The Bifurcation of Cicero in Ancient Scholarship

John O. Ward
What the Middle Ages Missed of Cicero, and Why

Part 6 - Cicero Restored

Matthew Sharpe
Cicero, Voltaire, and the Philosophes in the French Enlightenment

JoAnn DellaNeva
Following Their Own Genius: Debates on Ciceronianism in 16th-Century Italy

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