Return to Troy. New essays on the Hollywood epic

Martin M. Winkler (ed.), Return to Troy. New Essays on the Hollywood EpicBrill (Metaforms, 5), Leiden-Boston 2015, E. 126 (ISBN 978 90 0429 276 5)


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Martin M. Winkler
Troy Revisited

Chapter 1

Martin M. Winkler
Wolfgang Petersen on Homer and Troy

Chapter 2

Daniel Petersen
Live From Troy: Embedded in the Trojan War
Photographs: Behind the Scenes of Troy

Chapter 3

Eleonora Cavallini
In the Footsteps of Homeric Narrative: Anachronisms and Other Supposed Mistakes in Troy

Chapter 4

Wolfgang Kofler and Florian Schaffenrath
Petersen’s Epic Technique: Troy and Its Homeric Model

Chapter 5

Martin M. Winkler
Troy and the Cinematic Afterlife of Homeric Gods

Chapter 6

Horst-Dieter Blume
Achilles and Patroclus in Troy

Chapter 7

Bruce Louden
Odysseus in Troy

Chapter 8

Barbara P. Weinlich
A New Briseis in Troy

Chapter 9

Antonio M. Martín Rodríguez
The Fall of Troy: Intertextual Presences in Wolfgang Petersen’s Film

Chapter 10

Jon Solomon
Homer’s Iliad in Twentieth-Century Popular Culture


Martin M. Winkler
On Cinematic Tributes to Homer and the Iliad