A companion to Plutarch

MARK BECK (cur.), A Companion to Plutarch, Wiley-Blackwell (Blackwell
Companions to the Ancient World), Malden, MA-Oxford-Chichester 2014, E. 144
(ISBN 978-1-4051-9431-0).

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Part IV The Reception of Plutarch 529
36 The Reception of Plutarch from Antiquity to the Italian Renaissance 531
Marianne Pade

37 The Renaissance in France: Amyot and Montaigne 544
Olivier Guerrier (translated by Cara Welch)

38 The Reception of Plutarch in France after the Renaissance 549
Françoise Frazier (translated by Cara Welch)

39 The Reception of Plutarch in Spain 556
Aurelio Pérez Jiménez

40 Shakespeare 577
Gordon Braden

41 The Post-Renaissance Reception of Plutarch in England 592
Judith Mossman

42 Plutarch and the Early American Republic 598
Carl J. Richard

A Companion to Plutarch offers a broad survey of the famous historian and biographer; a coherent, comprehensive, and elegant presentation of Plutarch’s thought and influence
Constitutes the first survey of its kind, a unified and accessible guide that offers a comprehensive discussion of all major aspects of Plutarch’s oeuvre
Provides essential background information on Plutarch’s world, including his own circle of influential friends (Greek and Roman), his travels, his political activity, and his relations with Trajan and other emperors
Offers contextualizing background, the literary and cultural details that shed light on some of the fundamental aspects of Plutarch’s thought
Surveys the ideologically crucial reception of the Greek Classical Period in Plutarch’s writings
Follows the currents of recent serious scholarship, discussing perennial interests, and delving into topics and works not formerly given serious attention.